Tourist Destinations in Close Surroundings

The Rock

When you walk or go by train from Světlá nad Sázavou to Dolní Březinka you can see quite a high rock.

Devil´s Rock in Smrčná

Devil´s Rock is situated in a wood near railway stop Smrčná.

Melechov Hill

Melechov Hill (715 m) is covered with forests. Measurment tower not accessible to the public is situated at its top.

Devil´s Stone on Melechov Hill

Devil´s stone was claimed natural monument in 1986. Total area of preserved place is 38,5 m2, protective zone is 111 m2.

Sunny Bay

Memorial of writer Jaroslav Foglar, author of Rychlé šípy (The Swift Arrow).

Panuška´s Oak

The oak used to be a frequent topic of pictures painted by artist Jaroslav Panuška.

The Big and Small Alder Carr

A natural reseve was claimed a natural sanctuary in 1988. The reserve is situated in a vast forest between villages Dobrnice and Chlum.

Meadow of Hroznětín

Meadow is situated at the edge of the wood close to village Hroznětín. This meadow was claimed a unique protected natural sanctuary in 1990.