Tips for Further Trips

Lipnice Castle

The ruins of one of the most massive Czech noble castles. Monumental architecture, a castle exposition, lovely views, a Gothic chapel and estensive vaults with a former banquet hall and a castle well.

Memorial of Jaroslav Hašek

The memorial of Jaroslav Hašek is situated in a small house, which a writer Jaroslav Hašek bought and where he died.

National Memorial of Eavesdropping

Reliefs of anatomical details by an artist Radomír Dvořák and his students in granite walls of abandoned and flooded stone více »

The Yew Tree in Vilemovice

In the garden grows an old yew tree. Diameter of its trunk is 310 cm and is approximately 1500 – 2000 years old.

Pavlov Fauna Protection Station

– a shelter for handicapped animals and a location for the praservation of the common otter.

Číhošť – The Centre of the Czech Republic

Geodetic experts calculated that the geographical centre of our republic is in a meadow near village Číhošť.

The Jakub Glassworks, Tasice

Glassworks Jakub in Tasice was claimed a cultural and technical monument in 1990. At the present it is used as a museum of glass production.

Ruins of Orlik Castle

a well-preserved prismal tower, second castle gate, a fort, the rests of fortification and cellars of the palaces, black castle kitchen with reconstructed owen for baking bread