History of the Town

Foundation of the town dates back to the period of so-called domestic colonization lasting until the second half of the 12th century. As a property of a former Vilemov monastery was Světlá mentioned in 1207 in its commemorative books. Times of prosperity and growth started after hussite wars when the town of Světlá was gained by Trčkové z Lípy. This noblemen dynasty ruled vast region of Střední Posázaví till 1634 when its property was confiscated. Afterwards the town was ruled mostly by German catholic aristocracy. In the 18th century the town started to develop and grow economically.

Světlá is the town of glass and stone. As symbols of both of these industries a monument dominating town square was built in 1992. Huge areas of forrests surrounding the town enabled development of glass industry in the 17th century. Glass manufactories were heated with charcoal made mostly of oak wood. Together with production of glass developed also its refinement, polishing and cutting.

There were many small glass factories in the region of Světelsko. The biggest of them – Josefův Důl – was rebuilt from a former papermill in 1861. In 1967 the construction of new large glassworks started. Apart from traditional hand made products the factory specialized also in automatic production of both cut and glossy beverage glass.

For almost two hundred years precious stones, especially czech pyropes were ground in Světlá. Unfortunatelly, this industry ended between two World wars. Mining and processing granite is another important industrial branch of the region. Most important mine of the region is Horka. Its granite is used for facades of various important buildings not only in Prague but also in another beautiful places.