Former Hospital (House nr. 101)

GPS: 49°40’0.228″N, 15°24’17.795″E

Original hospital building at the bridge across Sázava river was built during the reign of Burian Trčka of Lípa in 1578 and was suggested at the first for five, later for eight patients – poor citizens. Karel Seidler, who used parish commeramorative book for writing his chronicle, wrote: „Former hospital that was in a very bad state was rebuilt thanks to Burian Ladislav Count of Waldstein.“

Decrepited old school building was destroyed and classes were moved to the building of the hospital. And this is where a teacher Jan Jelen with his wife Barbora lived. On the 11th of May 1801 their son, later a composer, a member of parliament and finally a director of archives of Home Office in Vienna, was born.

In 1881 was old decrepited building destroyed and according to the building plans of an architect Linsbauer was built again by a builder J. Zeman. The coat-of-arms of the Trčka and Salm families can be found above the hospital entrance as well as a memorial plaque of Alois Jelen from the 13th of July 1933 donated by an amateur theatrical group Sázavan. In 1988 was the house reconstructed for the last time.

Photo: KyTICe