National Memorial of Eavesdropping

Reliefs of anatomical details by an artist Radomír Dvořák and his students in granite walls of abandoned and flooded stone quarries below Lipnice. They symbolize not only three types of communication but mainly three practices of obtaining information used by totalitarian regimes: tapping, informing and spying.

Bretschneider´s Ear

– A three-metre high auricle is carved into a vertical granite wall.



 Mouth of Truth

-This piece of work is inspired by a famous roman reliéf Bocca della verita in the porch of the Basilica of Saint Mary in Cosmedin, Rome. The reliéf may be found in an abandoned neighbouring quarry nr. 2


Golden Eyes

– A relief of open eyes with a bridge of a nose placed in an eye-shaped observation hole is situated in a departed quarry Střelnice between Dolní Město and Lipnice

Photo: KyTICe