We prepared a cyclo trip for collectors of tourist marks

After managing the route you can gain 10 new marks for your collection:

Světlá nad Sázavou- Vilémovice-Ledeč n. S. – Kouty (Melechov fortress) – Kaliště – Humpolec – Orlík – Orlovy forester´s lodge – Lipnice – Pohleď

Tourist mark Town Světlá nad Sázavou (No.782) can be obtained in a tourist information centre in Trčka z Lípy square 16 or at a confectioner´s – snack Zdenka Vopěnková

Start in Trčka z Lípy square and get to road nr. 150 in a direction to Ledeč nad Sázavou. In Vilémovice can be found a little house surrended by a garden with an old red yew-tree aged approximately 1500 – 2000 years.

In a village green in a pub called U čerta next mark Foglar´s Sunny Bay (No. 595) can be obtained.

To get to Sunny Bay you are to leave in a direction to Ledeč n. S. but before leaving the town turn to the left and take an asphalt road with a yellow sign to a railway station. Get your bike via foot bridge to the other bank of Sázava river and after some decades of metres against the stream you get to a meadow where a famous writer Jaroslav Foglar with his scout group Prague two camped in years 1925 -1945. On occassion of Foglar´s 90th birthday a stone memorial plaque was revealed here. Return back to Vilémovice and continue to Ledeč n. S. There is a museum in a castle located on a stone bill, on the left bank there is a gothic-renaissance church of St. Petr and Paul. The church is special because of its renaissance dome with a ribbing made of burnt clay, that imitates net gothic dome.

Tourist mark Town Ledeč nad Sázavou (No. 126) can be obtained in information centre in the square.

From Ledeč nad Sázavou drive through village Bojiště to Kouty. At the end of the village turn to a road on the left. The road leads between fields to the edge of the wood, where a parts of Melechov fortress can be found. A middle tower part of the part is preserved, there are visible gutters and in northern direction of the fortress there is a dry pound from which water for gutter was taken. Take the same way back to village Kouty and go on to Homole lake where is a recreation site with many cottages and two hotels.

Tourist mark Melechov fortress (No. 541) can be bought in hotel Luna.

Then go on to Rejčkov, turn to the right and through village V Horách get to village Kaliště, a birth-place of a composer and a conductor Gustav Mahler.

Tourist mark Kaliště (No. 598) can be bought in municipal office or in a grocery shop.

Through Horní Rápotice continue to Humpolec.>.

Tourist mark Town Humpolec (No. 456)can be obtained in Museum of Aleš Hrdlička or in Municipal cultural and information centre in Havlíček square.

From Humpolec leave in a direction to Havlíčkův Brod and in local part Rozkoš turn to yellow tourist sign to ruins of Orlík castle.

In case you didn´t buy tourist mark Orlík u Humpolce (No. 450) in infocentre Humpolec, you can buy it in summer months in a ticket office in the castle.

Get back to Rozkoš and continue on the road to Havlíčkův Brod. In village Skála turn to the left and through Leština and Čejov get to the edge of Kejžlice. Turn left to a field road leading to Orlovy forester´s lodge. On occassion of 120th anniversary of birth of founder of Czech scounting A. B. Svojsík a memory plaque was revealed.

Take the same way back to Kejžlice and buy in a restaurant Duo next tourist mark Orlovy forester´s lodge(No.594).

Continue on the road in direction to Světlá nad Sázavou but on the cross road at pound Kamenná trouba turn to the right and cycloroute of Posázaví nr. 19 leads you to Lipnice nad Sázavou. Apart from gothic castle a memorial of Jaroslav Hašek, his statue by Josef Malejovský and a grave of Jaroslav Hašek in local cemetery can be found.

Tourist mark Lipnice castle (No. 229) can be bought in a ticket office in the castle.

Cycloroute of Posázaví leads you to Broumova Lhota. From there go on with yellow tourist sign around Ředkovec pound to Dobrá nad Sázavou, via foot bridge across Sázava river and through wood to Pohleď.

Tourist mark Michal´s Farmstead (No. 276) can be bought in an open air museum. From Pohleď go on to Světlá n. S. through Příseka.

Your collection gained ten new tourist marks! Congratulations!

Details and further trips can be found in a brochure Twelve trips with a bike around Světlá nad Sázavou, that can be bought in information centre Světlá nad Sázavou.